2014 Montreal Community Cares Awards Gala Recipients

May 21, 2014
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  1. Tevonn Walker2014 student-athlete award
  2. Chelsie Santoro-2014 Paul Frappier Youth Leadership Award
  3. Gabrielle Lagarde-Le Chasseur-2014 Paul Frappier Youth Leadership Award
  4. Overture with the Arts (Akilah Newton)-2014 Community Organization Award
  5. Big Brothers Big Sisters West Island-2014 Community Organization Award
  6. The Montreal Community Contact-2014 Community Organization Award
  7. Cafe Graffiti-2014 Community Organization Award
  8. LOVE-2014 Community Organization Award
  9. Obsession Bakery-2014 Small/Medium Business Award
  10. Louis Bériau-2014 Community Leadership Award
  11. Sabrina Jafralie-2014 Community Leadership Award
  12. Darrell Helyar-2014 Community Leadership Award
  13. Gemma Raeburn-Baynes-2014 Lifetime Achievement Award
  14. Noel Alexander-2014 Lifetime Achievement Award
  15. Peter Dalla Riva-2014 Pro-Athlete Community Engagement Award


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