PK's Holiday Surprise to the Kids

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So we decided to try and play a little holiday trick on some unsuspecting children. Checkout the video to see what surprise Karl the security guard had in store for the day.

Holiday Toy Drive and talent show 2014

Earlier this week, we got the chance to visit a couple of Montreal's elementary schools and give out the 3000 toys donated at our holiday toy drive and talent show from YOU. Check the pics to see what went down..... Once again, we thank all who had any part in making this day special for Montreal's youth, without your support this is almost impossible.
Also checkout the amazing performances from the awesome young talent that participated in our talent show. Young and refreshing, these kids definitely show us that Montreal is filled with many hidden gems. Great job kids youngsters!.

Footage from the talent show

CJAD Hero of the Month Valérie Larouche

CJAD’s December Hero of the Month is a single mom, doing some amazing work for her community.

Valérie Larouche is an example of someone who not only overcame the odds, but who is in turn helping others explore opportunities they once believed were not possible for them.

She is a single mother working and volunteering with an organization called MAP (Mère avec Pouvoir). Founded in 2001, the non-profit organization allows single mothers the opportunity to live independent lives, while providing them with social and professional integration.

Nominated in our ‘community unsung hero’ category, Valérie has been chosen for not only beating the odds and lending a hand, but for inspiring others to achieve goals they thought would not be possible.

Through her work, Valérie helps women on a personal, social and professional level, while also assisting with transitional and community support. She empowers young single mothers, by helping them find their voice again and allows them to get back on their feet by providing resources for them in their day to day lives.
See the CJAD video

CJAD Heroes of the Month Natalie and Adrian Bercovici

Nominated by Nick Patuli for their incredible community work, Natalie and Adrian Bercovici are anti-poverty advocates and recognized leaders in charitable campaign planning.

Adrian has received the Merit Award for organization and achievement in the CN Community Fund, as well as the Maurice Auzat Memorial Award for dedication and exceptional service.

Adrian is currently the Executive Director and co-founder of the Generations Foundation. He, together with his wife Natalie, founded the charitable organization in 1999.

The duo started operating Generations Foundation out of the basement of their home, focusing on feeding needy school children. They have since become strong community activists and advocates for the needs of those whose lives they touch.

Natalie began her career at what used to be known as the Canadian National Railways, from 1960 to 1967. After meeting and marrying Adrian, she chose to become a stay-at-home mother to their two sons. When the children were in school, she followed a refresher course and went back to Canadian National Railways.

Natalie continued in her work with children in the co-founding and operation of Generations Foundation. She is often the first line of communication for schools or families requiring their services.

She participates in the selection of schools and in the planning of the food programs. She also works closely with school professionals to send approximately 300 children to summer camps each year.

She is a liaison with corporations and donors to enable Christmas gift donations to thousands of children including Batshaw group homes. She is involved in organizing special events and regularly accompanies Adrian on visits to schools and group homes.

Adrian and Natalie plan on continuing their work for years to come, touching the lives of thousands of children and teens in the Montreal area.

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CJAD Hero of the Month Chelsie Santoro

Chelsie Santoro was born in December 2002, an only child to a Canadian born English speaking mother and a Canadian born father with Italian origins. Living in a French Province has given her the distinct advantage of being almost perfectly trilingual.

Chelsie is in the 5th grade at an international French school where she maintains above average grades. She is actively involved in school activities, including fundraising for school outings, part of a TV production called "Dis-moi tout" and ran in the 44th RSEQ Regional Cross country.

In addition to all her extra-curricular activities, she actively supports her father in his public speaking seminars on mental health.

She has also served meals with her parents at a shelter for homeless men and recently painted 65 canvasses and carried out a two day art auction to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund. She ended up raising two and a half times her projected goal.

In her spare time, Chelsie likes to record songs, read, cook and bake, craft and spend quality time with her family. She is an avid swimmer having just completed level 10, with the aspiration of one day being a lifeguard.

Chelsie has a heart for others and, at her young age, her goal in life is to continue reaching out to those in need and to further her education with the objective of possibly becoming a veterinarian.

Her contributions have been noticed by various members of the media and, this past May, she was awarded the 2014 Paul Frappier Youth Leadership Award by the Montreal Community Cares Foundation.

She has learned by example that nothing in life comes easy and that everyone has the responsibility to give back to the community.

See the video on CJAD

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