Chelsie Santoro was born in December 2002, an only child to a Canadian born English speaking mother and a Canadian born father with Italian origins. Living in a French Province has given her the distinct advantage of being almost perfectly trilingual.

Chelsie is in the 5th grade at an international French school where she maintains above average grades. She is actively involved in school activities, including fundraising for school outings, part of a TV production called “Dis-moi tout” and ran in the 44th RSEQ Regional Cross country.

In addition to all her extra-curricular activities, she actively supports her father in his public speaking seminars on mental health.

She has also served meals with her parents at a shelter for homeless men and recently painted 65 canvasses and carried out a two day art auction to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund. She ended up raising two and a half times her projected goal.

In her spare time, Chelsie likes to record songs, read, cook and bake, craft and spend quality time with her family. She is an avid swimmer having just completed level 10, with the aspiration of one day being a lifeguard.

Chelsie has a heart for others and, at her young age, her goal in life is to continue reaching out to those in need and to further her education with the objective of possibly becoming a veterinarian.

Her contributions have been noticed by various members of the media and, this past May, she was awarded the 2014 Paul Frappier Youth Leadership Award by the Montreal Community Cares Foundation.

She has learned by example that nothing in life comes easy and that everyone has the responsibility to give back to the community.

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