CJAD Hero of the Month Mikaella Goldsmith

Oct 02, 2014
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Mikaella Goldsmith was nominated by the James Lyng Board of Directors for her work as the community learning center coordinator at James Lyng High School and with a variety of non-profit organizations that offer much needed support for kids in the South West area.

Having grown up in Côte-des-Neiges and Little Burgundy, she has volunteered with inner city community groups for 13 years and made her mark with organizations such as Leave Out Violence, Tyndale, Youth in Motion and Dawson Community Center

She currently develops programs and fosters key partnerships to help empower and mentor children and teens in the Pointe-Saint-Charles, Saint-Henri, Little Burgundy and Verdun.

Though her life has been filled with many ups and downs from very early on, Mikaella has never defined them as insurmountable odds.

When she was 5 years old, her single mother was arrested for drug trafficking – her mother and absent father were both addicts.

Her life has been turbulent and filled with insecurities, the kind of experiences that lead many down a dark path. Instead, Mikaella has used them to fuel her drive and determination to help others.

She is a leader by example and proves that hardships do not necessarily lead to hard times. She serves as a strong role model and is an example of what following your dreams and becoming a product of one’s ambitions looks like.

Mikaella is a hero for not only overcoming incredible odds, but making her story the strength by which she helps support, encourage and inspire others.

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