CJAD Hero of the Month Erene Anthony

Jul 14, 2014
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Erene Anthony is a native of Antigua who moved to Canada in 1968 at the age of 26. As a young girl Erene always made an effort to give back by contributing at her local church. She started volunteering at the age of 8, where she helped pick orchids on Sunday morning to decorate her church. By the age of 15 she was teaching Sunday school, and by the age of 19 she was the organist for her church and directed the youth and senior choir.

Erene then moved to Canada to pursue her studies as it was very difficult to do so in Antigua without a scholarship. She was accepted to Sir George Williams University where she received a Bachelor’s in Sociology & Anthropology. She then pursued her passion for teaching by furthering her studies at McGill and by receiving a Masters degree in education from Concordia University.

Erene has made it her life’s work to shape the minds of the young children she has had contact with and has helped them understand the importance of giving back and volunteering in their community. After her schooling Erene went on to teach throughout Montreal including such schools as: Royal Arthur Elementary, Verdun High School, and Lasalle High School. After having a very successful career as a teacher, Erene became Vice Principal at Westmount High School. She went onto be Principal at three other schools before finishing her career as Vice Principal at Riverdale High School. She now continues to work as a Financial Security & Mutual Funds Representative for Primerica Financial Services.

While Erene is a great example of a local success story, what really sets her apart is that over the years she has always found time to give back. She has continued to volunteer and made it a point to contribute to her community. Much of her volunteer work revolves around the church. She says she loves working with people and that church work has been her life since she was child. It is the kind of work she likes doing and she says it keeps her spiritually grounded. She also volunteers for several organizations that support the African American community such as West Island Black Community Association, Montreal Association of Black Business Persons, and more. Her efforts in these organizations have helped provide scholarships and other educational and professional opportunities to members of the black community in Montreal. Her work has impacted their lives in a truly amazing way and has been an integral part of their success.

It is Erene’s selflessness and positive attitude towards volunteer work and giving back that really makes her stand out as a great human being and it is because of that that we are proud to make Erene this month’s CJAD Hero.

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