EmpowerUs! 2016 is coming to Montreal schools this winter. It builds on the success of EmpowerUs! 2014, an event for teenage girls ages 13 to 18, held at McGill University.

This year, EmpowerUs! isn’t a one-time event but rather a program that ensures teenage girls receive empowering information and messages from inspiring role models repeatedly throughout the school year.
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Program Launch Day

EmpowerUs is a full day of workshops and activities focused on building confidence, life skills and academic success for teenage girls in Montreal. Real Women doing real things! Montreal Community Cares presents its 1st female initiative: Empower Us!

What we've been up to

Here's a few initiatives we've been apart of over the years.
The EmpowerUs! 2016 Life Skills Development Program (LSDP) consists of:
  • A program-wide kick-off event
  • A series of interactive, thought-provoking, life-skills-enhancing presentations and workshops at select schools
  • A wrap-up event involving all participating schools and program partners

Key areas covered during EmpowerUs! 2016 include:

  • Building healthy relationships
  • With yourself
    • Self-esteem and body image
    • Self-care (fitness, nutrition, sleep)
    • Finding your personal style (fashion expert)
    • Managing stress (yoga, meditation, etc.)
    • Managing time
    • Setting and meeting goals
  • With others
    • Parents/Family
    • Friends and guys (real and virtual relationships)
    • Healthy boundaries (bullying, sexting, etc.)
  • With money
    • Setting financial goals
    • Saving and budgeting
    • Managing debt
    • Proper use of credit cards and how interest works
    • Salaries and paychecks
  • With the community
    • Finding meaning, making a difference
    • Knowing your basic rights
  • Network confidently
  • Speaking and moving with confidence
  • Personal branding (etiquette, etc.)
  • Making the right first impression
  • Why get a mentor?
  • Jobs, Careers, work
  • CVs and cover letters
  • Where to look for work
  • Uncovering your values and strengths
  • Prepping for a job interview
The above presentations and workshops will be delivered by professionals in their respective fields. At the end of EmpowerUs! 2016, participants will produce a reflection on their experience and have an opportunity to win prizes such as a trip to attend a women’s empowerment event, tickets to a concert, a makeover, etc.