CJAD Hero of the Month Valérie Larouche

Dec 14, 2014
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CJAD’s December Hero of the Month is a single mom, doing some amazing work for her community.

Valérie Larouche is an example of someone who not only overcame the odds, but who is in turn helping others explore opportunities they once believed were not possible for them.

She is a single mother working and volunteering with an organization called MAP (Mère avec Pouvoir). Founded in 2001, the non-profit organization allows single mothers the opportunity to live independent lives, while providing them with social and professional integration.

Nominated in our ‘community unsung hero’ category, Valérie has been chosen for not only beating the odds and lending a hand, but for inspiring others to achieve goals they thought would not be possible.

Through her work, Valérie helps women on a personal, social and professional level, while also assisting with transitional and community support. She empowers young single mothers, by helping them find their voice again and allows them to get back on their feet by providing resources for them in their day to day lives.
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