What is Red Rush Leadership Really About?

Feb 14, 2014
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Despite Red Rush Leadership being around for quite some time now, some people may still have questions about what it really is. A question that often arises is “what is the meaning behind the name  Red Rush?” The president of the Montreal Community Cares Foundation, Mr. Denburk Reid, says that there is a philosophy behind the name Red Rush, a philosophy that he believes  should be applied to the manner by which we approach life. The word “rush” has an aggressive sense, and he believes that one should be proactive and go at life aggressively; essentially, one should challenge life and not allow life to challenge them! Additionally, he chose the color red because he believes that the feeling that this color evokes supplements this idea about “rush” as red is often viewed as an aggressive and bold color.  Lastly, the letters of the word “rush” actually stand for something; they stand for the following:

Reach for your dreams

Uplift (others)

Share (with others)

Help (others)

With all of this being said, Mr. Denburk Reid hopes that everyone who becomes a part of the Red Rush family can someday adopt this mentality and always approach life in this fashion.

It is often a misconception that Red Rush is simply a basketball program, however MCCF desires to emphasize that this is NOT just a basketball program, the full name is Red Rush Leadership, and it is a developmental program. The vision of this leadership program is to build up youths from the bottom up and to provide them with the necessary tools to reach their full potential; they want these youths to be their best on and off the court, and they want them to always have confidence. With this being said, this is why every youth that joins the program must attend mandatory academic workshops (i.e. public speaking, CEGEP requirements, SAT preparation etc.) and they must take part in the community service activities organized by Red Rush. Additionally, as the leadership program is under the umbrella of the Montreal Community Cares Foundation, they share the common goal of bridging the gap between communities and cultures; the main focus is unity. The goal of uniting communities is one of the very reasons why the leadership program only occurs in the summer (approximately from April-August); the desire is to have the program only running in the summertime, which is a time where most intercity basketball teams, school basketball teams and extra-curricular programs take a break, because this gives youths from all over the city ( from different demographics and cultural backgrounds) the opportunity to come together, work together and improve together during the program. Mr. Reid stresses that it is not their desire to take the youths away from their teams, their intention is simply to improve these youths during their “off season” so that they can have more to offer their regular teams and, by extension, their communities, upon completion of the program.

Often you find youths sad and broken because they “didn’t make the team;” this is not the case with Red Rush because it is not a team in that sense, it is more like a family. Once a youth shows passion and willingness to learn, the leaders will work with them in order to develop their skills. Indeed, some youths may not be ready to play in the extremely competitive tournaments that Red Rush frequents in the United States of America but, as mentioned before, the leaders will surely try their best to work with these youth to improve their skills so that one day they too can take part in these competitive tournaments.

We would like to leave you with some words from the president of MCCF:

All I’m trying to do is give youths an equal opportunity to be better people: better players, students, employees, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, etc. I want to teach them how to speak properly, dress properly, act properly etc. Everyone should be given the opportunity to be all that they can be and operate at their full potential, and if these youths are not engaged and encouraged, this is not going to happen. Basketball is simply used as a tool to engage and influence them in a positive way. Additionally, basketball is the tool that we use to present them to society in a positive light; people have a chance to see them for who they actually are: talented and bright individuals. I want these youths to build up their confidence so that they can be confident about everything that they do, because confidence and success go hand in hand. In the future, I want to be able to see the youths who were once part of the Red Rush Leadership program pursuing higher education, becoming professionals and positively situating themselves within society. Red Rush is a family, it is my family, and nothing makes me more happy than seeing my family members succeed in life…

Yours respectfully,

denburk1Mr. Denburk Reid

President of the Montreal Community Cares Foundation

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