Whereas school lays the foundation for a child’s future function, Montreal Community Cares Foundation (MCCF) offers those having difficulty finding their way a companion space to belong, engage and succeed.


Because the next generation holds the key to Montreal’s future, Montreal Community Cares Foundation aims to empower youth by developing their leadership skills through programs, workshops and events, and by building bridges between communities.

Who we help

Our not-for-profit organization primarily helps Montrealer's labelled socially vulnerable. Two ways in which we assist are through student scholarships to schools that nurture passion and by mentoring youth between the ages of 10 and 19.

Since our founding in 2012, we’ve helped more than 625 youth adopt behaviour that favours confidence, discipline and social responsibility. In fact, programs like Red Rush Basketball Leadership, MTL Goal and Life Coaching for Teens teach participants emotional intelligence, teamwork and community service.

MCCF also helps families. Montreal Community Cares & Shares celebrates the holiday season with a festive family dinner featuring singing, dancing, storytelling and gift giving. Through our seven years of toy drives, we’ve gifted over 9,750 toys at 35 local schools and community centres.

We partner with organizations that advocate for youth and Montreal’s many communities.

A Message from the President and Founder

MCCF Founder & Executive Director Denburk Reid
"What led me to create Montreal Community Care Foundation began with neighbourhood coaches, who saw my athletic ability not only as an opportunity to win trophies, but as an opening to my own future. They kept me focused on my potential, while travelling to tournaments expanded my worldview and reinforced my belief in my potential. Those coach-mentors really helped me craft my story of community and civic duty.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This African proverb is at the core of our organization. We want kids to feel relevant to society as early as possible so that they grow into the belief that their input shapes society. Consequently, our programs, workshops and events recline on a proactive, youth-centered approach.

For me, civic duty is about contributing our best efforts to the advancement of society. MCCF wants as many children as possible to have this privilege."

MCCF’s youth-centered approach promotes youth well-being, welcomes youth input and nurtures youth determination and resilience.

Get to know our Basketball Leadership Program

Red Rush Basketball Leadership Program

Red Rush is a spring-summer basketball leadership program designed to help student-athletes, between the ages of 10 and 19, excel both on and off the basketball court. Participants develop a multitude of skills through experiential learning during team practices and diverse workshops. They hone both their physical and mental agility and resilience. They learn positive communication strategies to build rapport and open doors to promising futures.
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Our Annual Holiday Toy Drive and Talent Show 2015

Cares & Shares

Montreal Community Cares & Shares uses an upbeat, interactive approach to engage with families mostly from underserved communities during the holiday season.

Families from across the city join MCCF volunteers and friends for a delicious home-cooked meal in a festive community space filled with music, dancing and storytelling. To cap off the day, we give every child present a toy, donated during our toy drives held throughout the year.

Since 2011, Montreal Community Cares & Shares has also distributed more than 9,750 gifts to children in 35 local elementary schools and community centres. We thank our many partners and volunteers who enable us to spread joy to socially vulnerable children during the holiday season. This includes our growing community of gift wrappers who give a hand during our youth talent show every December.

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Our Knowledge is Power Seminar which spoke on life skills and various other topics of importance for the development of young adults.

Life Coaching for Teens

Our Life Coaching for Teens workshops empower youth to bridge the gap between they are in their lives and where they want to be. During these sessions, a certified life and leadership coaches guide participants through group activities and discussions as well as individual self-reflection exercises.

Participants are given tools to better understand their strengths and how to leverage them to create the future they desire. They build self-awareness and life skills, design actions, take accountability for results and work toward their goals with increasing efficiency, confidence and emotional intelligence.

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EmpowerUs is a full day of workshops and activities focused on building confidence, life skills and academic success for teenage girls in Montreal


EmpowerUs! 2016 is coming to Montreal schools this winter. It builds on the success of EmpowerUs! 2014, an event for teenage girls ages 13 to 18, held at McGill University.

This year, EmpowerUs! isn’t a one-time event but rather a program that ensures teenage girls receive empowering information and messages from inspiring role models repeatedly throughout the school year.

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Our Knowledge is Power Seminar which spoke on life skills and various other topics of importance for the development of young adults.

Knowledge Is Power Seminar

Every year, Montreal Community Cares Foundation holds at least one Knowledge Is Power seminar, sometimes two. These seminars complement MCCF’s life coaching workshops and address many of the same topics and issues. Guest speakers and presenters engage the youth participants and their families in a number of sessions and activities that promote self-growth and support the well-being and development of these young adults.