MCC has been digging deep to see how we, a local grass roots organization can address the global issues that face our youth. In that process we have been able to see our direct impact towards the global movement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s). The UNSDG’S are 17 goals that United Nations members have agreed to work towards and MCC is doing our part.

Goal #1- No Poverty

MCC brings smiles to youth   in underserved communities every Christmas by providing toys to an average of 3000 kids through our Annual Toy Drive. As well, MCC ensure that all youth have access to our programs irrespective of financial constraints.

Goal#2 End Hunger

MCC works hard to provide meals and food to the less fortunate via our honour role breakfast program as well as our partnership with Notre-Boeuf-de-Grace who helps us donate food to families once to twice a year.  During the Christmas months we also provide baskets and gifts with the help of our partners to help families in need.

Goal #3 Good Health and well being

MCC’s primary belief is that there is true Power in Sports when it comes to the overall welfare and development in youth.  We provide an opportunity to engage in physical activities such as Basketball, mindfulness, yoga and overall fitness training.  The Covid-19 pandemic has increased our belief that physical activity also promotes great mental health and serves as a great stress reliever.

Goal#4 Quality Education

MCC strives to create an educational support system that increases confidence and the chance for academic success. We provide mentorship, tutoring and educational support through our programs at the Red Rush Academy

Goal#5 Gender Equality

The Red Rush Academy promotes building self-esteem and empowerment to rise above all discriminations.
We embrace our youth completely, irrespective of their gender.

Goal#10 Reduce Inequality

The Red Rush Academy promotes diversity, equaty and inclusion through out our programs.

Goal#11 Sustainable cities and communities

MCC focus’s on building up our youth to be productive members of society by building and expanding their leadership qualities. At The Academy, our Junior CEO program in partnership with Concordia university allows youth to gain entrepreneurial insights as well as civic responsibility.

Goal#16 Peace, justice and strong institutions

Through our programs we are able to increase the understanding of human rights justice and peace.  We have also incorporated the aspect of promoting peace and trust via the Red Rush Basketball program which we label Ballers for Peace!

Goal#17 Partnerships for the goals

MCC lookS to partner with organizations and companies who share the same values as us when it comes to educating, uplifting, and uniting our community by focusing on helping us provide youth with the tools that they can use today and that they can leverage for their academic and professional career.