Red Rush Workshop

A program where youth go through a series of seminars that consists of workshops in self growth, empowerment, diversity, equity and inclusion, environmental sustainabilty and community awareness.

Financial Literacy

The ability for youth to develop healthy financial skills and habits is the focus of our Financial Literacy Program. Financial literacy is recurring topic that is covered in most of our seminars and events with the goal being to help develop youth who can understand and use various financial skills and tools to better theirs and their family’s financial situations. Dedicated professionals will guide participants through personal financial management techniques, investing topics and strategies, budgeting tools and strategies, and much more. A yearly cooperative financial project will allow participants to demonstrate what they have learned.

Life coaching for teens

Our Life Coaching for Teens program empowers youth to bridge the gap between where they are in their lives and where they want to be. Using a solution-focused, strengths-based collaborative approach, certified life and leadership coaches guide participants through group activities and discussions as well as individual self-reflection exercises. Participants are given tools to better understand their strengths and how to leverage them to create the future they desire.

Scholarship workshop

Through our fundraising efforts and donations youth are awarded much needed financial support for their education expenses. No student of merit will be turned away from financial assistance.

Junior CEO workshop

In partnership with Concordia University this workshop provides a stepping stone for high school students as they start thinking about the possibility of university. Led by university students, under the guidance of faculty, youth will take part in a series of activities, workshops and presentations that will hone their interest in leadership, team work, networking, entrepreneurship and the job market.

Tutoring workshop with QBBE

In partnership with the Quebec Board of Black Educators much needed tutoring services are available for our youth. Academic assistance is offered both on and off line so that all youth have access. Improving overall academic performance of recognized courses from the Ministere de l’education et Enseignement Superieur (MEES) is key.

Internship workshop

In collaboration with various corporations our youth have the opportunity to do a summer internship that will give them perspective on the different facets of business and assist in their career decisions.

The Community Bridge Newsletter

CBN Journalism workshop

The Montreal Community Cares Foundation (MCCF) is proud to announce a new initiative that will keep the MCCF community abreast with what we are up to, amplify the voices of the individuals in our community and give them a platform to express what is on their minds. This initiative will be an effervescent and inspiring publication powered by youths with the guidance of mentors.

In an era where social media has taken over and people are in the habit of quickly sharing short texts and memes, we want to encourage our youths to see that there is still value in brainstorming, critical thinking, taking time to put your thoughts together, expressing yourself authentically and engaging wholeheartedly with a text.

Benjamin Franklin once said ‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing’: our hope is that this publication will embody both of these facets.”